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Incredible Preventative Maintenance Program

A successful roof system requires a good design, quality materials, and proper installation. However, thorough, regular maintenance is the key to making sure it performs successfully long term. Even if your roof is currently under a manufacturer's warranty, it is still important to consider employing a roofing contractor to perform regular, preventative maintenance.


Although the 1st Class Roof Maintenance Program can't always prevent damage from occurring, it can help identify problems in a timely manner and prevent them from causing more severe, costly, damage to your roof system and your home.

Maintenance Program Features:

  • Bi-Annual Inspections

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Regular Roof Condition & Repair Reports

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Rooftop Debris Removal

  • Minor Tree Limb Trimming

  • Priority Inspections after a Major Storm

  • Replacement of up to 1 Bundle of Shingles

  • Apply Water Barrier to Any Cracks

Inspection Results

If, during our inspection, we discover serious problems, such as wind or structural damage, our maintenance team provides a description of the problem and an estimate for repairs. If we believe the problems should be covered under a manufacturer's warranty, we will provide the information you need to notify the manufacturer according to the procedures set forth in the warranty. Upon completion of each inspection and/or service call, the 1st Class Roofing Maintenance Team provides a report describing roof conditions and the work performed.

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