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By 1stclassro40432113, Aug 13 2018 04:09PM

Selecting a roofing company can be a difficult choice.

Make sure you have considered all the factors before hiring a roofing contractor.

Use this simple checklist to help you ask the right questions and find the roofing contractor that is best for you.

Is the contractor licensed and insured within the State of Florida?

Search the DBPR website to verify your contractor is properly licensed.

Is the contractor a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Ensure the contractor has been accredited and is positively rated.

Does the contractor have legitimate advertising?

A dedicated contractor will use basic identifiers like a website, and phone book placement.

Is the company certified by the manufacturer for the product they're installing?

Anyone can install the products, but to qualify for extended warranties the installer must be certified by the manufacturer.

Will the contractor obtain the appropriate permits?

A Notice of Commencement should be recorded with the local clerk's office and a roofing permit should be obtained for the project.

Will the contractor issue a Final Release of Lien?

Upon receipt of final payment a Contractor's Affidavit and Release of Lien should be issued.

Are ALL existing roofing components being replaced with new?

Full re-roofs should consist of replacing the ventilation, plumbing stack covers, eave drip, underlayment.

Are the materials being used new, and fully backed by a manufactures warranty against defects?

Compare the materials being proposed, search the manufacturer's websites and review their warranty coverages.

Does the company use a contract detailing the materials being used and the process of installation?

Review the Proposal and Contract Terms and Conditions carefully.

Is the license number clearly listed on all documentation and vehicles used by the company?

All licensed contractors in the state of Florida are required to document their license number on advertisements and forms.

1st Class Roofing, Inc. takes great pride in meeting all of these requirements.

Call us today for your free estimate.

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